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Instantly Kissable Lips With PicoWay Laser Lip Plumping Treatments

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

How Does Laser Lip Plumping Work? The treatment works by targeting the oral commissures (corners), vermillion borders (outer edges), philtrum ridges (below nose), and cupid’s bow area (peaks) of your lips.  The gentle lifting of the lips exposes more of the lip volume.  The absence of heat with the PicoWay laser means no uncomfortable ultrasound gels are needed and there is no risk for burning these delicate tissues.  The PicoWay stimulates a vibration deep below the surface of the skin, which triggers your skin's collagen response.  It firms the skin around the lips and creates a tighter, fuller appearance in the lips. The PicoWay is a non-ablative, gentle laser treatment and that means there is no down time.  You will walk out of Dalyce's treatment room and be ready for the red carpet immediately afterwards.  The PicoWay laser lip plump treatment is a specialty treatment.  Dalyce is always seeking further education in her field and took the additional training to be able to offer laser lip plumping treatments to her patients.

Why Choose The PicoWay For Laser Lip Plumping? The PicoWay may be used on and around the lips to help smooth fine lines and add a gentle fullness to the body of the lips.  It is a comfortable treatment when compared to lip fillers and this appointment takes only 10-15 minutes.  It makes a perfect add on treatment when you are already coming in to see Dalyce for other laser appointments like laser hair removal, or the PicoWay Resolve facials.  Most people are good candidates for the laser lip plumping treatment.

What Kind Of Results Are Expected? You will see a softening of fine lines and a gentle plumping of the lips immediately after your PicoWay laser lip plumping treatment.  The lips will also appear more pink or rosy as the circulation has been increased to that area. We recommend using your favourite lip hydration (lip balm) immediately afterwards as your lips may feel a bit dry. Your best results will be right after treatment, but even as the initial rosiness and volume lessens, your results will continue to progress over 3 months months as your body rebuilds collagen and elastin.

What Are The Recommended Number Of Treatments? Dalyce recommends a laser lip plumping treatment once per month for three or four months.  You will notice a difference, but it may take the full 4 sessions before anyone else really catches on.  Once you have completed all the sessions, it is recommended that you return for maintenance treatments every four to six months.

What is the Cost of the Laser Lip Plumping Treatment? As an add on treatment to other laser treatments the cost is $30.00.  If booked as its own stand alone treatment it is $60.00.

What Can I Expect During My Laser Lip Plumping Treatment? You will not need any numbing cream for the treatment.  Laser lip-plumping sessions are fast.  Dalyce will provide you with eye protection, she will clean the area on and around the lips.  She begins the treatment with a few pulses so you can mentally prepare yourself for a series of pulses across the lip.  Dalyce will pass back and forth over the entire area of the lip including just slightly outside of your vermillion border where those pesky wrinkles or "smokers lines" love to gather.  She will ask you to relax and slightly open your mouth so she can reach just a bit further inside of the lip.  If you have had a PicoWay Resolve Facial Treatment, you will likely find the PicoWay Laser Lip Plumping Treatment very similar.  The laser snaps are brief and less intense than what you may be familiar with for laser hair removal.  After laser lip plumping, patients may feel warmth to the lips and around the mouth area even though no heat was used, this feeling will subside shortly after treatment (30-60 mins).   The treatment is worth it, as it induces the stimulation of collagen in the lips and surrounding area.

Book online or contact our office to find an appointment for the PicoWay Laser Lip Plumping Treatment with Dalyce!

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