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Creating Annette’s Personalized Skincare Plan: A Case Study with a Loyal Client

In 2019, Annette joined our Glow Getter membership program. She had started noticing the signs of aging and chose the membership as a cost-effective way to incorporate different treatments for her unique needs. 

Natural aging is one of our main areas of expertise at Essentials Medi Spa. To support Annette on her journey, we curated a custom plan of non-invasive treatments, each contributing to a glowing complexion barely marked by the passing of the years.  

“I chose Essentials Medi Spa because they have a cosmetic surgeon on-site,” says Annette. Like many others, she felt safe trusting us with something as personal as her physical appearance thanks to the expertise of Dr. Trevor Brooks and our experienced and trained team.

The Challenge

While fully understanding that aging is inevitable, Annette wanted to find effective ways to maintain her radiant appearance. She understood that having a trusted team to go to for guidance would be key to her skincare journey.

The start of Annette's journey with us.

The Solution

Annette benefitted from her Glow Getter membership by alternating treatments over the years, including HydraFacials and PicoWay Laser Facials. Our trained skincare experts created a personalized treatment plan beyond the membership with the intention of maintaining a youthful appearance and aging gracefully by preventing deep wrinkles, adding volume, and keeping her skin firm. 

We also recommended Annette use DMK medical-grade skin care products to support the improvements being made with each treatment (aka protect her investment). 

Her personalized plan includes: 

  • Dermal Filler to compensate for lost volume in her cheek area and create a more plump look.

  • Dysport® to keep deep wrinkles from forming.  

  • Morpheus8 on her face and neck to improve skin tightness as it diminishes fine lines and fat to help tighten loose skin.

  • HydraFacials to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate her skin, helping Annette achieve a youthful radiance. 

  • PicoWay Laser Facials to complement the HydraFacials and Morpheus8 treatments to continue improving her skin quality. 

  • Sculptra to help restore facial volume alongside the dermal filler. 

  • Forma™ to stimulate her collagen production and maintain a glowing complexion.

The Results

During her years of working with us, Annette has noticed some remarkable results.

  • Improved skin quality from her medical grade products between treatments and monthly HyrdraFacials. 

  • Enhanced skin tightness from Morpheus8 and PicoWay Laser Facials in harmony with her goal of keeping a youthful complexion.

  • Increased volume from dermal filler and Sculptra that our experienced team placed at the right spots for a natural look.

  • Smoother skin from Dysport® that prevents deep wrinkles from forming.

Annette's results as of May 2024.

Annette’s results demonstrate the value of working with a trusted partner for your skin journey. Your skin is beautifully alive, and its needs are constantly changing. When you work with an expert, your skin's needs can be frequently assessed to ensure you get the absolute best treatment to achieve your short-term and long-term aesthetic goals. 

It is also crucial to work with your skin over time. While some changes are noticeable right away (like those from a HydraFacial), others need time to take effect and give you the results you desire.

Annette truly appreciates the flexibility of her Glow Getter membership and the attentive attitude of our team. Each time Annette visits us, she feels comfortable pointing out any area of concern because she knows our team will focus on doing what it takes to improve it and help her feel as confident as possible.

The Impact of Working With a Trusted Skincare Team

Annette mentioned that during the five years she has been a client of ours, she has always had a positive experience. We are so happy to hear this and it keeps us dedicated to improving our services for all our clients—both newbies and OGs! 

Annette’s commitment to her skincare has contributed to the youthful skin she’s enjoying today and we are excited to keep working with her on her skincare journey for years to come. 


Note: We’ve had the Glow Getter membership for many years as a way for our clients to receive regular treatments with a monthly fee. However, due to popular demand, the membership is currently not accepting new members (and unfortunately, our waitlist is full). We invite you to stay in the loop through our social channels if that should change in the future!

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