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A microneedling treatment will stimulate collagen production to restore a glowing, healthy appearance to your skin.


What is Microneedling?

A microneedling treatment minimizes the signs of aging, while treating scarring and wrinkles.

Microneedling is a professional treatment that uses sterile, one-time-use needle tip cartridges to penetrate your skin at a perfect 90-degree angle. This direct angle causes less damage to your skin when compared to at-home derma rollers. 

Your skin care specialist will move the Health Canada approved medical device over your skin, working in sections, to break down old scar tissue and promote the growth of new skin cells. 

Your skin will respond to the stimulation by increasing blood flow to the “micro-wounds” thus creating new collagen and elastin to regenerate itself, which results in improved skin health and reduces the appearance of scars.

Microneedling can be used to enhance treatment for raised (hypertrophic) scars. Raised scars often form at the sites of pimples, body piercings, cuts, surgical incisions and burns.

How long do the results last from Microneedling?

The number of microneedling treatments required to achieve the optimal results you want can vary. Most clients require a minimum of six treatments, 3-4 weeks apart to achieve ideal results.

Essentials is a leading medi spa for microneedling in Medicine Hat

Sara is our skin care specialist at Essentials Medi Spa that cares for our microneedling clients. Sara took her microneedling and paramedical tattooing certification in 2019 at Eternal Beauty Institute of Medical Aesthetics in Calgary. The results of Sara’s client treatments can be seen on her social media feed.

 Important facts about microneedling results in our southern Alberta medi spa


Improvement in scar appearance


Improvement in skin texture


Overall satisfaction from a microneedling treatment



Face: $190
Face & Neck: $230
With PRP: $340 

Scar softening treatments vary based on the size and severity of the scar.

Number of Treatments

Some clients only require one microneedling treatment once per year to achieve optimal results. However, most patients receive a series of 3-6 treatments. Your client consultation will help determine the number of treatments required.

Microneedling pairs well with:

    • ​Accutane/ Retin-A or Vitamin A should be stopped for 6-12 months prior (as per Health Canada guidelines).

    • 24 hours before your microneedling treatment: no workouts, caffeine, alcohol, Aspirin/ASA, Advil/Ibuprofen, Niacin or Vit E.

    • 7 days before your microneedling treatment: no brow waxing/tinting, microdermabrasion, sun exposure, tanning beds or sunless tanner.

    • Within 14 days of your microneedling treatment refrain from having any injectable treatment, chemical peel or laser treatments.

    • Within 14 days before and after appointment stop using Retinol, or acidic products such as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), Glycolic or Salicylic Acid.

    • Call to postpone if you have any concerning health changes.

    • Our skin care specialists at Essentials Medi Spa suggest a free consultation before any treatment. 

    • Once we have established that microneedling is the proper treatment for you, your skin is gently cleansed, and our skin care specialist applies a numbing cream to the target areas to help make the treatment more comfortable for you. 

    • The numbing cream must be applied for 15-30 mins, and then the procedure itself can take between 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.  

    • During the treatment, the specialist glides a handheld device across the treatment area that applies pressure & tiny pinpricks to your skin. These tiny injuries trigger your body’s natural immune system.

    • Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results.  Most studies show 6 treatments over 3-4 months when alternated with chemical peels results in drastic improvements.

    • Do not touch the treated area and surrounding area for 24 hours.

    • After 24 hours, keep the area clean both in the morning and night.

      • Gently wash with a sensitive skin cleanser (no exfoliants).

      • Do not use a washcloth or sponge because of the bacteria present on those.

    • For 1 week avoid vigorous exercise that may cause excessive sweating, and avoid hot environments including sunny days outdoors, tanning beds, saunas, hot tubs, pools or hot showers/baths, as redness can reappear when in hot environments. 

    • Apply a very thin layer of the post care treatment product Aquaphor (if directed by Sara) and sleep on a clean pillow case. 

    • Refrain from injectables, strong chemical peels or laser treatments for 2 weeks.

    • Do not apply makeup on the treated area for 3-7 days (wait until pinpoint bleeding has stopped).

    • Do not pick, scratch, pull, or rub your skin as this will introduce bacteria that can harm it. Any scabbing or dry skin should naturally exfoliate off. Picking can cause scarring or undesirable pigmentation loss.

    • For 1 year, refrain from sun exposure and use SPF 30 or higher when outdoors.

What to expect from microneedling

We strongly advise you to book your appointment at least 2-3 months in advance of vacations, weddings, and other special occasions. 

Pairing Microneedling with a PRP treatment

If you pair a PRP treatment with a microneedling appointment, our skin care specialist at Essentials will start by applying your numbing cream, while one of our registered nurses draws a small amount of blood from your arm. The nurse then separates the blood cells with a centrifuge and draws out the “liquid gold,” aka platelet-rich plasma. Our skin care specialist completes your microneedling appointment using the PRP to enhance collagen induction. The add-on price of the PRP treatment is $150. 

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