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Essentials is the premiere Medi Spa in Medicine Hat,

All of our laser treatments use the latest technology making your experience as comfortable, safe and effective as possible. The goals you have for your skin are important to us and we want to ensure you feel confident with your decisions. This is why Essentials offers complimentary consultations to review treatment options and pricing, to ensure you don’t experience “sticker shock” after having a treatment completed.

We offer the best in technology, services and treatment techniques

The GentleMax Pro™ can treat sun damage that you may have on your face, neck, chest & arms. It targets the dark pigment in the skin & breaks it down into small particles, eliminating it after a few treatments.


The GentleMax Pro™ is the gold standard for effective hair removal.  The GMAX destroys hair follicles through a series of laser treatments without harming the surrounding skin.


PicoWay Resolve uses advanced technology to “shatter” tattoo ink into minuscule particles.  The PicoWayⓇ  removes a broad range of ink colours, including difficult-to-remove blue & green ink.

Tattoo Removal

The GentleMax Pro™ vascular handpiece is the best choice for laser vein removal. If you suffer from rosacea or have redness in your cheeks, chin, face or decollete, this treatment is for you.

Vein Removal

PicoWay Resolve delivers peak power with ultra-short pulses to transform your skin from the inside out.  The PicoWay Resolve is one facial that targets multiple concerns like dark spots, wrinkles, and dullness. The Pico produces visibly younger skin. 


PicoWay Resolve lip treatment effectively stimulates the production of collagen in your lips. The laser kick starts your body’s own natural collagen production process and the result is a look that is completely natural. 

Lip Plumping


What Clients Say

about Essentials Medi Spa  laser skin resurfacing or laser skin tightening treatments in Medicine Hat

I have had 4 laser treatments with Dalyce for hair removal in the armpits and bikini area. I am pleased!!!  I still have a couple to go and I’m excited to be hair free in these areas!  Essentials Medi-Spa is welcoming and comfortable.  The laser is top notch and the experience was quick and simple.  


Dalyce was great! This was my first time getting a laser treatment, and Dalyce made sure I knew exactly what was going on. She was very thorough and explained everything that was happening. I'll definitely be back, and would recommend her services to anyone.


Daylce is always amazing and informative!!! She made me so comfy, even though I am legit the most finicky awkward person with showing any kind of skin! And the treatment was SO fast and way less painful then I had imagined it would be.


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Discover the array of laser treatments Essentials Medi Spa offers in our comfortable and calming environment in southern Alberta.

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