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Forma™ improves your skin’s elasticity for a smooth, younger-looking appearance


What is Forma™?

A Forma™ treatment is the perfect skin rejuvenation treatment to help firm sagging skin without the drawbacks of a surgical procedure, or the pain of microneedling. The radio frequency technology penetrates deep into your skin, generating heat, increasing collagen production and creating a new functional structure. This allows the collagen fibres to restructure into lines with greater consistency, eliminating lines and wrinkles, and enhancing your skin texture. Forma™ effectively treats areas of the lower face, including cheeks, jowls, chin & neck, plumping your skin and improving its appearance.

Forma™ is non-invasive and pain-free. A Forma™ treatment can be used on any skin type and any skin colour.  A Forma™ treatment does not cause any tissue trauma or pain making it a very comfortable treatment. Plus, it is a very cost-effective treatment.


Forma™ can be a stand-alone treatment, or you can add it to a HydraFacial. We like to call these two paired together the HydraTight treatment!

How long do the results last from Forma™?

You can anticipate a treatment once a week over 6 weeks, or mega-sessions once every 2 weeks over 6 weeks, to achieve your initial results. We recommend a Forma™ maintenance program after the initial sessions to preserve long-term results from your treatment.

Essentials is a leading medi spa for Forma™ in Medicine Hat

Amanda is one of our skin care specialists at Essentials Medi Spa that cares for our Forma™ clients. Amanda graduated from the Academy of Aesthetics with a certificate of merit for scholastic achievement.



Face: $180

Neck: $150

Face & Neck: $300


When you purchase a package of 8 treatments, it will include one free treatment.

Number of Treatments

There is ongoing improvement in the appearance and elasticity of your skin after each treatment. We typically suggest one per week, for six weeks, to achieve the initial desired result.

Forma™ pairs well with:

    • If you should experience any infection to your skin, the appointment will need to be rescheduled to a later date.

    • Our skin care specialists always suggest a free consultation before any treatment. 

    • Once we have established that Forma™ is the right treatment for you, your skin is gently cleansed, and our specialist applies an ultrasound gel to the target areas. 

    • Our skin care specialist utilizes the Optimas which is the same base technology for a Morpheus8 treatment but with the Forma handpiece, which is needle-free. She moves the Forma™ hand piece, which emits radio frequency energy repeatedly over the treatment area on your face or neck. The RF energy travels deep into the skin layers through the protective ultrasound gel, encouraging your skin’s tissue to produce more collagen. This helps to increase your skin’s health and tightens it for a more youthful look. 

    • The procedure typically is performed in less than 60 minutes/treatment area (if completing the face and neck area, the total treatment time would be approximately 2 hours).

    • Forma™ is not painful; you will feel relaxed, and only experience warmth in the treated areas. Some compare Forma™ to a hot stone massage. That does sound heavenly, doesn’t it?

    • As a non-invasive procedure, Forma™ does not typically require any downtime. 

    • After your Forma™ appointment your face will appear flushed.

    • Some patients report mild swelling and tingling immediately following their Forma™ treatment. For most patients these effects resolve within an hour, while others with greater skin sensitivity may require a little more time before their skin returns to its baseline.

    • Your skin care specialist will advise which products should and should not be used in the days following your Forma™ treatment. It’s important to follow these recommendations closely to achieve the best result possible.

What to expect from Forma™

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