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Building Cherie’s Personalized Skincare Plan: A Case Study with a Long-Term Client

Updated: Jul 3

Five years ago, Cherie came to us seeking help for her breakouts and hormonal acne. Since then, her skin goals have shifted towards anti-aging, reflecting the evolving nature of her skincare journey with us. As a long-time client, Cherie has experienced the benefits of our personalized approach, allowing us to tailor her treatments to her changing needs over the years.

The presence of an on-site MD at our medi spa is part of what initially drew Cherie to us, providing her with the assurance that our services and products are backed by the medical expertise of Dr. Trevor Brooks. This aspect of our practice has been crucial in building a strong rapport and trust with Cherie, guiding her through her skin health journey.

As we've worked together, our relationship has deepened, enabling us to better understand and address her skincare concerns. Cherie's story exemplifies the importance of a trusted partnership in achieving long-term skin health and wellness goals.

The Challenge

Over the years, Cherie has navigated various skincare challenges, reflecting the natural evolution of her skin's needs as she ages. Although Cherie’s journey with us began with a focus on managing breakouts, this was but the start of a partnership aimed at achieving her skincare goals. These initial challenges laid the foundation for her to trust our expertise to provide solutions for her skin challenges at every stage. 

A before photo of a women's face
The start of Cherie's journey in 2020.

As time progressed, the emphasis of Cherie’s skincare regime shifted towards addressing the signs of aging. This transition is a natural part of the skincare journey, and together we have tackled concerns such as wrinkles, loss of facial volume, and the desire for a more radiant complexion. Shifting towards anti-aging treatments reflects our commitment to evolving with our clients, offering targeted solutions that cater to their changing needs.

The Solution

To help Cherie achieve her complexion and skin health goals, our team collaborated to craft a dynamic treatment and skincare plan to ensure that each phase is supported by the most effective strategies.

Glow Getter Membership: 

Cherie has been actively involved in the Glow Getter membership since 2019, which provides her with regular, customized facials tailored to her skin's requirements. This membership is designed to offer ongoing care and maintenance, allowing consistent attention to her skin's health. 

In addition to that, our team worked closely together to develop a personalized plan that would address her concerns about aging while maintaining a natural look. 

Her personalized plan includes:
  • Botox 

    • To address the appearance of crow's feet, Cherie receives Botox injections every three months. 

    • This treatment helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, contributing to a more youthful appearance around the eyes.

  • Sculptra 

    • As part of her anti-aging regimen, Cherie has also incorporated Sculptra treatments. 

    • Sculptra works by stimulating the skin's natural collagen production, helping to restore facial volume and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  • A Skincare Regimen with DMK Products 

    • Under the guidance of Amanda from our team, Cherie has been introduced to select DMK products to complement her treatments. 

    • Some products are specifically chosen to prepare her skin for more intensive treatments, such as stronger peels, by enhancing its tolerance and resilience. 

    • Others are recommended for post-treatment care, aiming to maintain or amplify the beneficial effects of the treatments. 

    • This thoughtful selection of products ensures that Cherie's skin receives optimal support both before and after her treatments, maximizing the outcomes of her skincare journey with us.

A More In-Depth Look at Cherie’s Sculptra Experience

When we brought Sculptra into the clinic, we were eager to put it to use. Dalyce was originally set to be our in-house model for Sculptra treatments, but due to an unexpected conflict, we needed a last-minute replacement. With minimal notice, Cherie embraced the opportunity, driven by previous discussions with Kara about the benefits of filler treatments. Cherie recognized that despite her diligent use of quality skincare products, her skin could benefit from a more robust intervention to address the signs of aging.

Cherie's Sculptra treatment plan was a collaborative decision made by Kara, Dr. Brooks, and herself. This personalized approach resulted in a series of three sessions, beginning in October and with subsequent treatments approximately two months apart. Below you can see Cherie before Sculptra on the left and after her last treatment on the right.

By carefully combining regular treatments with a supportive skincare regimen, we've been able to assist Cherie in not just meeting her current skincare goals but also in laying a strong foundation for her skin's future health and vitality.

The Results

Cherie's results demonstrate the transformative potential of having a trusted partner in your skincare journey. Our years-long relationship is grounded in trust and professional expertise, which has helped us work together to provide Cherie with the best results possible for her goals. There have been several times when Cherie has arrived at appointments with the simple request for us to assess her skin and complete whatever treatments we believe will offer the most value.

The image on the left is at the start of Cherie's journey in 2020 focused on her acne concerns. The next image is the transition to her aging concerns in March 2023 and the third image is the start of her Sculptra journey in September 2023. The final image is after Sculptra in March 2024.

Looking at Sculptra specifically, the experience has been transformative for Cherie, prompting her to consider it a staple in her ongoing skincare regimen. Initially, the changes were subtle, as Sculptra requires time and patience for collagen production to amplify and results to become noticeable. Kara noted the remarkable change, particularly in the previously hollow areas of Cherie's face, highlighting the successful integration of Sculptra.

For Cherie, the results go beyond what she sees in the mirror. It’s also about allowing herself to invest guilt-free in something that’s just for her. When she sees the results of her investment, she knows that she is committing to something that helps her feel the very best about herself. And since she gets regular facials with us, we are always close by to provide her with advice or recommendations as needed.

As we look towards the future, the focus shifts to sustaining the rejuvenated appearance that her treatments have given her. Cherie and our team will work together to build her maintenance routine, likely involving a continuation of Botox treatments, specifically for the crow's feet, which have seen extended intervals between sessions since incorporating Sculptra. She will also work closely with Amanda on her DMK skincare regime. 

This synergy underscores the holistic approach we take at Essentials Medi Spa and the value of our team’s varying points of expertise. Each procedure and product complements the other, leading to more enduring results.

The Impact of Working With a Trusted Skincare Team

Cherie's trust in our team has been evident from early on and speaks to her confidence in our clinic's recommendations. Whether it's deciding on the intensity of a treatment or exploring new options like Sculptra, there's a mutual understanding that our actions are always in her best interest. Our personalized approach has allowed Cherie to not only see significant improvements in her skin but also feel empowered in her skincare decisions.

Cherie put it best when she said in conversation “You get what you put in, whether it’s your relationships or your skincare.” She has certainly put a great deal of trust in us, and we are so pleased to have been her partner in helping her reach her skin health and aesthetic goals. 

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