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Morpheus8 Skin Tightening Treatments Exclusive Clinic in Medicine Hat

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is essentially microneedling with radio-frequency (RF) energy.  The Morpheus8 hand piece has very tiny needles and it delivers RF energy deep into your skin.  The micro injuries caused by the microneedling then trigger your body to kick into it's healing response, and the result is the production of new collagen and elastin, which firms and remodels skin.  Morpheus8 can treat a wide range of concerns. You will notice improvements in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it works well to tighten lax skin, uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, helps fade stretch marks, and can even reduce some fat (note: when done over the face it is not enough to result in significant volume loss in your face).  Morpheus8 can be used anywhere on your body, like the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, but it is by far most popular for the face, jawline, and neck.  For optimum results, we recommend a series of three sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart. When you purchase all three sessions at once, you save 20%.

What are the pros and cons of Morpheus8?


  • Morpheus8 is color blind - it is safe for all skin tones, with minimal risk of hyperpigmentation.

  • Any body areas may be treated and the Morpheus8 treats a wide range of skin concerns.

  • Morpheus8 treatments are fast, noninvasive, and because we use strong numbing cream they are almost pain free.


  • To see your full results after your first treatment it takes up to 3 months.

  • It is not a one and done treatment. You’ll need a yearly treatment to maintain your results.

  • There is always the possibility of unwanted side effects, and you are made aware of these during your consultation.  Some people report some bumps, grid marks, and discoloration for around 7 days after the procedure.  Hyperpigmentation and scarring are more rare side effects. 

  • If a higher energy setting is used on the Morpheus8 it can be more painful.

Who is a good candidate for Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 can safely be used on all skin types and tones for an array of skin concerns. 

Given that it is proven to increase collagen production, the Morpheus8 excels at tightening minimally sagging skin and smooths wrinkles. The microneedling with Radio Frequency also works to lessen the appearance of acne scars.  As we always meet you for a consultation first, you will come to understand that if you have active acne it is actually not a good time to have the treatment as needles moving in and out of the skin will spread bacteria and can make your breakouts worse.  Also if you take Accutane you will be asked to discuss with your family doctor how to phase off that prescription prior to treatments.

The Morpheus8 microneedling resurfaces the top layer of skin, so if you have sun damage and or sun spots you will see an improvement to those areas post-treatment.

Morpheus8 is a safe option for people with dark skin.  Patients higher on the Fitzpatrick Scale often run the risk of hypo- or hyperpigmentation from other resurfacing treatments, like some lasers. Dr. Brooks or our team of nurses are trained to select a needle type and energy setting that’s safest for your skin tone. The options include coated microneedles that project heat only from the tips, which more accurately targets the deeper dermis without causing  damage to the skin’s surface, or another option is uncoated needles that project heat along their full length.

How does Morpheus8 work?

Morpheus8 has been studied by professionals in clinical settings to prove that it works.  Morpheus8 combines microneedling and radio frequency energy, which are two well known skin rejuvenation treatments that have been proven time and time again to be effective.

There are lots of resources online to show the Morpheus8 in action.  You may want to follow the #Morpheus8 or #Morpheus8Inmode on Instagram to see how other clinics are using Morpheus8 on its own or in conjunction with other treatments. 

Both the lower (dermis) and upper layers (epidermis) of the skin are affected, and Morpheus8 can reach up to depths of 4-8mm for remodelling and resurfacing.

“Microneedling RF delivers electrical energy that causes coagulation in the tissues, meaning there is exfoliation and collagen remodelling, improving the texture and tone of the skin at the same time that it causes the skin to tighten,” says Dr. Jason Emer.

Over the next three months as your skin cells turn over and new collagen develops you gradually see the full benefits.

What happens during a Morpheus8 treatment?

Depending on which areas of the body we are treating, your treatment takes 45 or more minutes, much of this depends on the size of the treated area. Our nurses will cover the treatment area with a numbing cream, which may need up to an hour to take effect.  It is essential that you arrive on time for your numbing cream application, as we have to wait for the numbing cream to take effect and if you are late we reserve the right to reschedule you. 

Morpheus8 is unique compared to other similar devices because the depth of the radiofrequency heat delivered by the Morpheus8's microneedles can be customized to different depths (e.g., superficial, intermediate, deep), so our nurses will make adjustments to your treatments based upon your unique skin concerns. 

We believe in doing a test spot, to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions before continuing with the treatment across a larger area.

The treatment feels a bit like a stamp across your skin.  The hand piece makes contact with your skin and is paused to allow the needles to puncture below the surface and deliver the radio-frequency energy. 

You may feel pressure as the hand piece makes contact, and a dull ache/discomfort as the microneedles and energy are delivered , but it’s most often not too painful, due to the strength of the numbing cream used.  Numbing cream contains lidocaine, and we take lidocaine toxicity very seriously. While you might wish for us to do large areas of your body all in one session, it is not safe to do so - trust the knowledge and training of your health care practitioners.

What can you expect during Morpheus8 recovery?

Morpheus8 is known for low to no downtime.  We recommend planning for about 2-5 days where you do not have any special events planned in case you do experience a few days of redness, itchiness, and swelling.   It is most popular to schedule your treatments on a Friday and look presentable for work by Monday (of course this depends on the intensity of the energy used during treatment).

We recommend extending the results with targeted skin care like Alumier MD's Ulitimate Boost which contains Hyaluronic Acid and peptides, or Skin Medica's  Essential Serum which contains growth factors.

“Stronger treatments with microneedling RF can leave channels in the skin for up to 72 hours, helping medical-grade skin-care products penetrate deeper into the skin,” says Dr. Jason Emer. 

Avoiding sun exposure for a few weeks and the use of a sunscreen with SPF of 40 or higher and broad spectrum protections is an absolute MUST, or you run the risk of post-procedure hyperpigmentation.  Our Alumier MD physical sunscreens were selected personally by Dr. Brooks as they contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are your best defense and are gentle enough for use on your healing skin.  A sample comes in your post-procedure kit. 

As your skin has micro-damage you must avoid any skin-care products that might irritate your skin like AHA, glycolic or salicylic acids and retinols. 

How soon will you see Morpheus8 results?

You may begin to see the benefits of your first treatment with Morpheus8 within jus a few days, and will notice some skin tightening within three weeks.  Collagen takes time to develop, so you need to be patient.  Your full results will be clear to see about three months after your final session.

How long does Morpheus8 last?

Morpheus8 results can last approximately a year.  Once you have completed your 3 beginning sessions, then 1 annual follow-up session should be all your need to maintain and keep up your collagen production.

What are the side effects, and is Morpheus8 safe?

Morpheus8 is considered to be a safe treatment, of course we have an informed consent and you must sign before your treatment to show that you understand the risks, benefits and alternatives.  You will display an understanding of both the common and less common side effects.  Bleeding, scabbing, swelling, bruising or redness should lessen within a few days and other possible marks from the needles should fade gradually within two weeks.

Remember our nurses are in full control of the microdamage and are following the recommendations from the manufacturers and Dr. Brooks. The Morpheus 8 results rely on the technique of the nurses, and the heat from the RF energy.  There is an increase in the risk of potential damage if the energy is increased. Dr. Trevor Brooks has seen long-lasting golf ball-like texture or grid marks following other types of microneedling RF treatments. Trust the training, knowledge ad experience of your Morpheus8 provider.  You are in good hands with our nurses, as they work under the direction of board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Trevor Brooks. 

How much does Morpheus8 cost?

How much you’ll pay will depend on how many treatment sessions you receive. 

  • Full Face is $750 per treatment

  • Neck & Jawline (Jowls) is $550 per treatment

  • Full Face, Neck & Jawline $1200 per treatment

  • Abdomen $800 per treatment

  • Knees or Thighs $800 per treatment

When purchasing the full series of 3 treatments all at once, a discount of 20% is applied.

Morpheus8 is a cosmetic treatment; therefore, your insurance plan will not cover it.


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