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Laser Tattoo Removal

Updated: Jan 24, 2023


Experience The Most Advanced Technology for Tattoo Removal

Picosecond lasers are the top choice for safe & effective tattoo removal.  The PicoWay® specifically shatters unwanted ink better than ever before, and the PicoWay® laser is the leading laser for successfully removing difficult ink colors like blues and greens, as well as tattoos that were attempted to be removed by other lasers. Our advanced laser aesthetician, Dalyce, can promise you fewer treatments, faster recovery time, and greater results with her PicoWay® laser as compared to other laser technologies. If you have literally been burned by other laser tattoo removal methods in the past, please book in to see our clinic's burn surgeon, Dr. Trevor Brooks, so he and Dalyce can create a treatment plan that is safe for you. PicoWay® tattoo removal often requires fewer treatments than traditional laser tattoo removal.  We track your progress with photos at every stage, so we both can see how effective the tattoo removal has been. PicoWay® works effectively on:

  • Tattoos with difficult to treat blue and green coloring

  • Multicolored tattoos

  • Dark black ink

  • Previously treated tattoos

What is Laser Tattoo Removal? Tattoo ink is viewed by your body as a foreign substance.  Tattoo ink particles don't seem large, but they are large enough that your white blood cells cannot totally remove them, so they just slowly erode away at the edges of the ink particles and this is why you will notice your tattoos fading over time. Picosecond waves delivered into your skin with the PicoWay® laser break up the ink into minuscule particles, so your body can easily flush those smaller ink particles out of your system.

Why PicoWay® Laser Tattoo Removal? If we are talking about lasers as tools to shatter ink particles, the PicoWay® is the "biggest hammer" available on the market.  The PicoWay laser literally blasts the ink into dust size particles, making it much easier for your body to get rid of. Learn more about PicoWay® Laser Tattoo Removal.

Picosecond (Acoustic) vs Q-Switch (Thermal)

  • Q-Switch technology (nano second) is an older and slower laser technology.

  • Q-Switch thermal waves move in and out of the skin at a slower rate, and thermal heat is created in your skin's tissues, this heat both makes it more uncomfortable and increases the risk of burns, blistering and scarring.

  • Picoseconds are are a trillionth of a second = FAST. 

  • Picosecond waves move in and out very quickly resulting in less damage to surrounding tissues. The PicoWay® laser is a higher powered laser with ultra short pulses that shatters tattoo ink, but leaves the outer layer of the skin intact.

  • PicoWay® has more power than any other picosecond device.

Our advanced laser aesthetician, Dalyce, uses safe parameters to get the best results, without having to turn the power so high to remove the ink that she creates adverse reactions. The minimum length of time between tattoo removal sessions is 8 weeks, however fading will continue over time, so waiting longer between sessions could reduce the overall number of treatments required. It is not a one and done treatment.  The estimated number of treatments and cost will be explained to you in your comprehensive consultation. This powerful PicoWay® laser also helps reduce a vast array of pigmented skin lesions such as freckles, sun spots, age spots and birthmarks, and it is truly a revolutionary treatment for melasma. Are you ready to achieve outstanding clinical results?

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