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Tummy Tuck Surgery After Weight Loss

Updated: May 11, 2023

Hanging skin and loose abdominal muscles can hide the results of your weight loss. Tummy tuck surgery can help you look as good as you feel.

I have lost a significant amount of weight, can tummy tuck surgery get rid of my loose skin and stretch marks?

Tummy tuck surgery is a popular procedure for weight loss patients. Your loose, hanging abdominal skin can be permanently removed through low bikini line incisions. Yes, all of the stretch marks that are located on your excess skin can be removed during your abdominoplasty.

Can abdominoplasty fix my potbelly?

If your belly tends to stick out, it’s possible that your abdominal muscles may have weakened and stretched due to weight gain or pregnancy. If your central connective tissue is stretched out, there’s no amount of exercise that can bring those muscles back to their original position.

Tummy tuck surgery will bring your muscles back to their initial position, your muscles can be repaired and often made even tighter resulting in a flat and firm midsection.

What will my scar look like after tummy tuck surgery?

Dr. Brooks will make a horizontal bikini line incision just above your pubic bone. Your incision line will be hidden when wearing clothing, however, it may be visible in the nude. Your incision line not completely disappear, but it will continue to fade and smooth out over time.

What are the drainage tubes for?

Dr. Brooks will place drainage tubes to help prevent a build up of fluid that naturally occurs in your abdomen after surgery. Without the drains, the surgical area could become infected and swelling is a common side effect.

Each drain is a clear tube that is placed through a tiny incision that will be made just below your main bikini line incision. The excess fluid will drain through the clear tubes to a small bulb where the fluid can accumulate. Each bulb will be emptied a few times each day. The bulb and tubes can be safely removed within 7 to 10 days after surgery.

What is recovery like?

You will be asked to walk with a slight bend at the waist for the first 5 days after your tummy tuck surgery. You will be able to stand up straight after 1 week. You can expect to feel moderate discomfort in your abdominal area, most patients compare it to the after effects of an intense ab workout — tight and sore. Dr. Brooks can prescribe medication to help alleviate the discomfort. You can shower 24 hours after surgery.

It is important that you maintain a healthy diet and continue to exercise after your tummy tuck surgery for optimal results.

If you have more questions about your abdominoplasty, we are happy to help. Give us a call @ 403.487.0460 to learn more about your procedure.

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