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What Is The Difference Between Upper And Lower Eyelid Surgery?

Updated: May 11

My upper eyelids are sagging down towards my lashline and I have bags under my eyes. Should I get upper and lower eyelid surgery?

The Difference Between Upper And Lower Eyelid Surgery

The two main types of eyelid surgery are upper and lower eyelid surgery and they address different things.

Upper eyelid surgery can be performed to permanently remove your loose, saggy excess skin and fat that hangs down towards your lashline. Your upper eyelid crease shape and height will be improved and wrinkles can be smoothed out for a rejuvenated appearance.

Lower eyelid surgery can be performed for different reasons.

  1. If you have wrinkly skin under your eyes, your excess skin can be removed to tighten the skin and remove your wrinkles.

  2. If you have puffy bags under your eyes, the little pocket of fat can be permanently removed for a nice smooth surface.

For Loose Upper Eyelids And Bags Under Your Eyes

Yes, upper and lower eyelid surgery can address both of your concerns.

The excess skin can be removed from your upper eyelids to give your crease better definition and a youthful contour.

The fat in your lower eyelids can be removed to tighten and smooth the puffy, baggy skin around your eyes for a well rested, natural appearance.

Your Consultation With Dr. Brooks

During your initial assessment for eyelid surgery, you will be asked to show Dr. Brooks exactly what you would like to see improved. This will give Dr. Brooks a clear understanding of your expectations and will determine the best course of action to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Serving Medicine Hat, Alberta and Saskatchewan

Dr. Trevor Brooks is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and board certified Plastic Surgeon serving Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

To learn more about your eyelid surgery options, call us @ 403.487.0460 to reserve your consultation with Dr. Brooks.

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