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What Breast Implant Size Is Right For Me?

Updated: May 11, 2023

By now, you’ve probably read a lot of overwhelming information on breast implant sizing. We are here to simplify things and give you some pointers on what to consider when procedure planning.

What Look Would You Like To Achieve?The first step in determining the proper breast implant size for your surgery is defining your augmentation goals.

Clear communication between you and Dr. Brooks is key. At the time of your initial consultation you will discuss your desired results in detail and visual aids will be used to confirm a common understanding.

You’ve probably seen some photos that reflect the look you’re going for and your breast augmentation wishlist is starting to come together. Collecting photos for your wishlist is a great way to give Dr. Brooks a clear visual of your augmentation goals.

You will be asked to explain what you like best about your favorite wishlist photos.

It’s also helpful if your wishlist includes 3 different types of photos: 1) Photos of women with their shirt on, 2) Photos of women wearing a bra without a shirt on, 3) Photos of women without a bra or shirt on.

That extra important information will provide Dr. Brooks with the clarity he needs to get a full understanding of your preferred look.

What Breast Implant Size Is The Best Fit For Your Lifestyle?When it comes to choosing the size of your implants, your daily routine matters.

If you are a physically active person who likes jogging, aerobics, weight lifting and playing sports there’s a good chance that you won’t want your breasts to get in the way. Bigger is not always better, smaller implants have some advantages.

If most of your time is spent taking part in activities that don’t cause your breasts to move significantly, then you might consider larger implant options.

Your Existing MeasurementsDr. Brooks will evaluate many factors including your current breast size, shoulder width, chest wall width, and other measurements to determine the range of implants that will fit your body type the best.

Your current breast size matters because you need to have enough breast tissue to cover the implant. Larger implants require more breast tissue, if you don’t have a lot to spare, you may have to look at smaller implant options.

Your chest wall and shoulder width will determine the base width of your breast implant. Dr. Brooks will let you know which size works well with your frame.

In Office Sizer Implants

Once the best implant options are determined for your surgery, Dr. Brooks will give you sizer implants that you can try on with a sizing bra so you can pick the implants that you like best.

Proportion And SymmetryKeep in mind that breast augmentation isn’t just about increasing the size of your breasts, it’s about proportion and symmetry with the rest of your body. You should see breast augmentation as a body contouring procedure, your breast implants should match your overall figure.

Preparing For Your Breast Augmentation SurgeryChoosing the right implant size on your own isn’t easy. There are some basic things that you should know before your initial consultation such as the look you’re going for, however, you will learn everything else you need to know when you meet with Dr. Brooks.

Don’t waste all of your time and energy obsessing over breast implant dimensions and comparing cc’s. It’s very difficult to figure out the perfect breast implant size for your procedure on your own. Your board certified Plastic Surgeon is professionally trained to take all the measurements you will need to get the right size for your surgery.

Feel free to give us a call at 403.487.0460 to say hi and learn more about your breast implant options.

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