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Breastfeeding With Breast Implants

Updated: May 11, 2023

I really want to get breast implants but I plan to have children one day. I’d like to go over a few questions I have in regards to breast augmentation and pregnancy.

Can I Breastfeed With Breast Implants?

There is no problem breastfeeding or having children with breast implants. There is very little or no impact on the breasts function so breast feeding success rates are just as high for women with breast implants as they are for women without implants. Breast implants won’t affect your ability to breastfeed and won’t affect the quality of your breast milk.

Will My Breasts Change After Pregnancy?

Your breasts will change the same way normal breasts change over time. Your breasts will do what normal breasts do but the key is your breasts will always look better because of your breast implant surgery. Whether your breasts go through a subtle or dramatic change during pregnancy, your chest will always look better than a patient who has not had breast augmentation surgery.

Should I Wait Until After I Have My Children?

We have lots of patients who come in to see us for breast augmentation surgery who are planning to have children in the future. They have their breast augmentation, and they have kids, this is a very common procedure.

Most women don’t have to do or change anything, their breasts still look great after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some women may need a lift afterwards, but most don’t and they live their entire lives with their original set of breast implants.

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