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What is laser lip plumping?

A PicoWay Resolve lip treatment stimulates the production of collagen in your lips. The laser kickstarts your own body’s natural collagen production process, which results in an entirely natural look.  If you are not at ease with adding anything to your body in the form of injectables, then laser lip plumping may be the perfect non-invasive option for you.


The laser lip plumping procure helps smooth fine lines and add a gentle fullness to the body of the lips. It is a comfortable treatment compared to lip fillers, and the appointment takes only 10-15 minutes. It makes a perfect add-on treatment when you are already coming to see Dalyce for other laser appointments like laser hair removal or the PicoWay Resolve facial, as most individuals are good candidates for laser lip plumping.


The treatment works by targeting the tubercles or body of the lips, vermillion borders (top and bottom edges), and cupid’s bow area (peaks of your lips). The plump caused by the gentle tightening of the underlying lip tissue exposes more of the body of the lip, creating a more voluminous appearance. The absence of heat with the PicoWay laser means no uncomfortable ultrasound gel is needed, and there is no risk of burning these delicate tissues. The PicoWay stimulates a vibration deep below the surface of the lips, which triggers the collagen response. It firms the skin around the lips and creates a tighter, fuller appearance on your lips.


There is no downtime, no bruising, no needle involved, and discomfort (not pain). If you have experienced the full-face PicoWay Resolve, the lip treatment is significantly less “snappy” than the feeling of the full-face treatment.

How long do the results last from laser lip plumping?

We recommend a laser lip plumping treatment once monthly for three or four months. You will notice a subtle difference, but it will take the full four sessions before any long term results are built. Once you have completed all four sessions, we recommend returning before a day or two before a special event for some extra volume, or at least every 3 months to maintain your results.

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Laser Lip Plumping

Laser lip plumping stimulates collagen production and increases blood flow to the lips resulting in the appearance of fuller lips.

Essentials is a leading Medi Spa for laser lip plumping in Medicine Hat

Dalyce is a skin care specialist at Essentials Medi Spa that cares for our laser clients. Dalyce is formally trained and certified as a medical aesthetician and laser technician.

The results of Dalyce’s client treatments can be viewed on her social media feed.



Stand-alone treatment: $75
Add-on to another laser treatment: $40

Number of Treatments

This will vary from client to client; anticipate 3-4 treatments.

Laser lip plumping pairs well with:

    • Avoid the sun 2-4 weeks before treatment.

    • You may be asked to stop topical medications or skin care products (e.g. acne products, retinol or anything that could cause irritation) 3-5 days prior to treatment. Notify us of any change in your medications, some may make you photosensitive and laser is not recommended.

    • If you have a history of perioral herpes simplex virus, your provider may recommend prophylactic antiviral therapy. Follow the directions for your particular antiviral medication.

    • Our skin care specialists always suggest a free consultation before any treatment. 

    • Safety considerations are essential during the laser procedure. The patient and all personnel in the treatment room MUST wear protective eyewear during the procedure to reduce the risk of eye injury. Your skin care specialist will take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety and comfort. *Please do not bring your child to the appointment.

    • You will not need any numbing cream for the treatment.

    • Your skin is cleaned thoroughly before the treatment. 

    • Your treatment begins with a few pulses to mentally prepare yourself for a series of pulses across the lips. The laser skin specialist then passes back and forth over the entire area of the lip, including just slightly outside of your vermillion border. You will be asked to relax and slightly open your mouth so the specialist can reach just a bit further inside the lip and build the collagen from below. 

    • The laser snaps are brief and less intense than you may be familiar with for laser hair removal.

    • The procedure takes 15 minutes and is an excellent add-on to other facial laser treatments.

    • After laser lip plumping, you may feel warmth to the lips and around the mouth area, even though no heat is used. This feeling will subside shortly after the treatment (within 30-60 minutes).

    • You will see a softening of fine lines and a gentle plumping of the lips immediately after your PicoWay laser lip plumping treatment.

    • The lips will appear more pink or rosy as the circulation is increased to the area from the treatment.

    • We recommend using your favourite lip hydration (lip balm) immediately afterwards, as your lips may feel a bit dry.

    • Your best results will be right after treatment, but even as the initial rosiness and volume lessens, your results will progress over three months as your body rebuilds collagen and elastin. 

    • Call Essentials at 403-487-0460 with any questions or concerns.

What to expect from laser lip plumping

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